Locked Symbol does not work

Hy ,

I am a little embarrased of asking this but honestly I do not understand why it does not work. The issue is simple, I have a chart and I want to Lock the Symbol and save the template, soo next time I load the template the Symbols stays Locked. I tried to saving it As a ChartTemplate Complete and as Layout and in both cases when I load it the chart opens Unlocked and load the Symbol that is active in that moment.
I read the manual and I am doing it right and I created the template in the same database, I also checked the preferences to see If there is any configuration that I shoud have selected, but I do not see any.

Can anybody give me a clue, please.

"Chart Template Complete" is NOT for that purpose. It is for moving chart setups between computers and it does not include "locked" status.

The only thing that actually stores symbol lock is the LAYOUT and you have to use it exactly as described in the manual (scroll DOWN to Window layouts)

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Thanks for your answer Thomas but there is something I am not doing well.
I have a chart sheet with differente tabs (9 tabs each with a diferent sheet in it). I locked the symbol and right click on the chart, select Template and then save. It created a file with the extension .ALY within the folder LAYOUTS OF AMIBROKER . Then When I go to a new black Chart and open it , It get loaded but Unlocked.

Alternatively I did the same but saving it in the folder LAYOUTS of the database that I am using. In this case It does appear in the window Layouts, which makes sense since it is not a Layout but a template, however if I try to load it from a blank chart doing right click and template and load it come up empty. .

Finally, I tried saving it from the window layout and rename it , this it creates a file with the extension awl. This one I can open it and the symbol is Locked . But as it is a Layout is contains all the Chart sheets wiht all the tabs that I have opened when I saved it.

My question then is:
Am I saving the templates in the right place.?? Currenty I am saving them in the folder Layouts of Amibroker and not in the folder of the particular database. I believe thsi is correct.

Second, Is it posible to save the template with the symbol locked. The template, not the layout.

Thanks again for your help.

No, you should not save Template. Don't use Template menu. You should save the LAYOUT using RIGHT CLICK in the Layouts window as instructed in the manual:


See, I am RIGHT CLICKING in the Layout window:



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