Log Window disappeared

My Log Window disappeared and it is no longer possible to find it anywhere on the screen. This happened after I changed my Main Display to another display. Turning it on/off in the Window->Log menu does not bring it back and I see no options to toggle it and to move/expand it to find it.

How could I bring it back?

@trongart this may be similar to what was discussed here.

(:stop_sign: This requires to edit the Windows registry - do it only if you are familiar with it and if you know how to recover if something goes wrong).

In such a case, using the Registry Editor look for a key under:


(there are a lot of Pane-xx numbered ones).


Find the one that has a reference to the "Log window" (in my systems it is the Pane-11). Delete this key (do this operation while no Amibroker instance is running - eventually klll any existing Broker.exe instance using the TaskManager before opening the registry editor).

Close the registry editor and launch AmiBroker; it will reset the Log Window position to its default position (turn it on/off to see it).

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This worked! Thank you very much!

@trongart, if you frequently use _TRACE() / _TRACEF() it may be useful to install an external (system) debug viewer like it was discussed in this other thread.

Personally, my preference now goes to DebugView++. Download here the latest releases both 32 and 64-bit versions. Here some info about the application (open source).