Log window sorting

The new message in log window > Trace always appear at the bottom, I have to roll down or press the time sorting button everytime for the new message. Anyway to change this to appear at the top automatically?

Log window as name says logs messages and as any other log is in chronological order (so latest messages are appended (added) at the end. The reverse order is called "stack". But this window is log, not stack, so it does not use reverse order.

This thing is intended to be fast. Logging to internal Log window is 10 times faster than DebugView. It is fast because it updates just one row (added at the end) instead of updating all rows (that would be needed if you inserted things on top)


@Wilson - once I have added a similar suggestion to the Feedback centre --> Link

I suggest adding auto-scroll option to Log window (Edit, Run-time and especially Trace tab) or some other similar solution, making the latest/newest messages always visible.

Currently if there are many messages, every time a user wants to see the latest ones, he/she has to scroll the list manually or click on the column header to sort the messages ascending/descending because the latest ones are always added at the bottom of the list (usually out of sight) and are not visible. In my opinion it would be a very useful option.