Looking for a list of AmiBroker plugins

Where can I find a list of plugins that are available for AmiBroker? I'm curious to know what kind of functionality they add.

There are 3 kind of plugins:

  1. AFL plugins (extend AFL with new functions)
  2. Data plugins (allow connection to 3rd party data sources)
  3. Optimizer plugins (add smart, non-exhaustive optimization methods)

AFL plugins

  • AmiPy - allows running Python code from AFL
  • OSAKA - adds dynamic 2D table functions (nowadays obsolete because AmiBroker natively supports 2D arrays / matrices)
  • ODBCA - adds functions to access ODBC databases from within AFL
  • JRPlugin - allows using Jurik Reasearch indicators (paid)
  • Candle - example plugin that exposes few candle-detection functions

Data plugins

  • IB - connects to Interactive Brokers TWS
  • IQFeed - connects to DTN IQFeed data
  • eSignal - connects to eSignal
  • ODBC - adds ODBC-driven data sources
  • QT - QuoteTracker/Medved trader connectivity
  • TC2K / TC2KFunds - Worden TC2000 connectivity
  • MS - allows reading Metastock databases directly
  • FT - FastTrack connectivity
  • Notowania / Statica - connects with Polish Statica data feed
  • NOLI - connects with Polish NOL3 data source
  • DDE - allows to connect any DDE-enabled data source

Optimizer plugins

  • PSOSample - Particle Swarm optimization plugin
  • MOCASample - Monte Carlo optimization plugin
  • Tribes - Advanced particle swarm optimization plugin
  • CMAE - CMA-ES smart optimization plugin

This list just shows most popular plugins. There are many 3rd party / private plugins. Please note that unknown plugins may be harmful as they can run arbitrary code including viruses.


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