Looking for Breadth Data vendor/source

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a provider of just BREADTH data on major US indexes (NYSE mainly). I have tried Norgate in the past and like it but if possible I would just rather have this data and nothing else. Integration with AmiBroker is a plus but I can figure out the rest if not.

I did a reasonable amount of googling and searching but I can't really find exactly what I am looking for here so am I asking here as well to see if anyone could help.

Any tips or pointers will help :slight_smile:

Thank you !

@shavedlemon this may be of use to you as they sell smaller packages of their various products, so I think if it is only NYSE breadth you want - then you can purchase just that.

Good luck, interested to hear how your breadth research is going.


@portfoliobuilder - thank you very much for the pointer. I will look into it immediately.

Would you happen to know if they integrate with AmiBroker (à la Norgate)?

Can't find anything to that effect on their website but not a huge deal I'll cook up as small OLE if need be.

Once again, thanks for the pointer. Cheers.

Unfortunately I do not think they integrate as smoothly as Norgate (probably nothing integrates as smoothly as Norgate). I did read on their site something about ASCII files and some of their own custom software.

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I agree with Portfoliobuilder. Nothing is going to integrate as well as Norgate does with AB. I used a service called Masterdata a lonnnggg time ago, they may still be around. Also, don't forget many breadth statistics can be calculated manually using freemium data using the AddtoComposite function. Good luck!

Thank you for responding @TonyR :slight_smile:

This is exact what I am trying to avoid... I would prefer just buying the data and cooking up something on my end to import seamlessly.

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