Looking for good super lightweight laptop to use with Amibroker with IB controller - Surface Pro X?

Will be running this in office in background while I'm doing my day job and want a lightweight laptop that will do the job but wont weigh me down too much.

Have worked out that the set up seems to work best with everything loaded in 32 bit versions and am wondering if anyone has tried on a Surface Pro X which is supposed to be compatible with most Win 32 programs?

I haven't tried the Surface Pro X, but have used some older Surface models. You may want to double check if the Surface Pro X has an Ethernet connector any any other ports that are important to you. Some other laptop brands have more ports for connecting to various external devices.

@Slobdiddy also consider the features of ASUS ZenBook Duo (or Pro Duo)! And go for x64 not just x86...

Thanks - I couldn't get IB Controller working with 64 bit software. Changed everything to 32 bit and it worked fine. Still keen to hear back if anyone has used the Surface Pro X with IB Controller set up. It's nice and light and works with a SIM which is what makes it so desirable for someone who walks 2km each way to work in a hot country. Will also check out Asus suggested, but swore never to buy another one after an issue 5 years ago. Thanks!

I'm using IB Controller 1.3.8 (or my own version TickSize in IBController ) with Amibroker Pro 64 bits on 2 Windows 10 64-bits platforms (desktop & laptop) without problem.

BTW, my laptop is an HP with i5 9300H 8Gb and it's more than enough for running 4 instances of AB and IBC+TWS+...Load barely breaks the 25% bar in worst cases so most average laptops should do well. Mine is not lightweight though (>2kg) so I can't recommend it.