Looks like bad data or setting problem?

The screenshot is daily bar formed of 1-minute data source from IQfeed.

I found a lot of tickers which have such problem.
What do you think?

FYI, I enabled pad and align, and bad data filter as following.




It's an unadjusted reverse split. DSS had a 30:1 reverse split in May 2020.

Thank you. Any solutions?

You should contact IQFeed - this is not an AmiBroker issue.

They only provide unfiltered intraday data.

I just would like to know how others handle the split when using live intraday data.

When I was using IQFeed I ran two instances of Amibroker. One was EOD and one intraday. If I saw a possible split on the EOD a force backfill would fix it up. You could also use Amibroker and adjust the split on intraday if you know it’s there.

From my digging around it was something the community wanted was unadjusted intraday data. However I do believe if you were using their API on its own you’d be able to pull adjustment ratios.


Finally, i opted to eSignal, which is very fast and reliable so far.

On the contrary, when I used iqfeed, Amibroker is supper slow and often not respond. a lot of problems.