Lost directory for Auto update quotes (AmiQuote) to local database

I've been using this program for so long (since the late 90s) that I almost never make any major changes, but today I set up a new database using the Interactive Brokers data plugin. I intend to use IB to update only my EOD charts, so in the process of setting up the database, I first selected only 8 symbols that I wanted to test and used AmiQuote to download about 5 years of history to the new IB database directory. Before downloading I changed the destination folder in AmiQuote settings and I wrote down the path for the directory I had been using. BUT I have misplaced the note with the old directory path and cannot locate it on my computer. A search of my hard drive for AQH and AQD files with the last download date (July 30) only results in some temporary directory that I cannot locate with Windows file manager. Every time I attempt to auto update my old local database, AmiQuote loads with the 8 symbols that I had set up for the new IB data directory.

Using 32 bit version 6.20.1 on Windows 10

The default AmiQuote download folder is "Downloads" under AmiQuote folder (where Quote.exe is).

And quite frankly it does not matter as these files are only needed temporarily (for importing them).

Regarding importing to real-time database you should read carefully and entirely this part of manual http://www.amibroker.com/guide/h_workspace.html

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