Lost my custom charts, but standard charts are still there

And also, my saved pages sill work with some of the custom chart latouts using these same custom indicators.
I looked at the help pages and found on using an 10 year + old entry about a special tool complete with instructions - the helpf is there but not the tool itseff.
I am looking through my backups from years ago, when I created most of my custom ones - so maybe there is hope

Is there anybody there with some other suggestsions? I would appreciate it

And thanks for the wonderful code that convinces me that for my 80th I should celebrate with something long myself. Great what you can do. i have always told people how the program does wanters with whorter code that the other people in TASC!,

You may try loading some other layout from "Layouts" window to see if the chart loads.

If not, then if you have a backup copy - then please restore:

  • the entire "Formulas" sub-folder
  • broker.newcharts file
  • layouts (AWL files stored in "Layouts" subfolder of your database folder).

So far, Layouts files on two backups are empty. Now looking for other suggestions in your list

Looks like I have real problems. The last upgrade of Windows 10 seemed also to activate Virus and Threat Protection in Windows Defender. It seems to block access to some files on my system. So a few things are reported blocked which makes them report as empty. even if they may have contect. I have no luck in getting help from Microsoft (surprise).
I have some compressed historical back ups but I am loth to tamper with them now.
BTW I can noat find and content to restore as those files are empty - and I didn't clean them out

Eurica! Found ackup files that seem to contain most of my creations.
Consider my problem on its way to solution ----Thanks for the prompt help and suggetions on what Amibroker files are what

PS Lovely forum design. Really Useful Support! Thanks, Like Amibroker the site is in a class by itself.....

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