Lost Notepad window

AB 6.00.2
Accidently dragged Notepad window off the screen and cannot find it.
Used window / notepad to turn on/off, still can't find it
also lost interpretation window also.

Anyone got an idea of how to find it.


Sorry everyone,
Found them, there was only about one pixel of the window showing at bottom of screen, dragged it back up and all is now OK.
I was worried for a while though.

Hello, llayca, next time you can do the following:

  1. Select notepad in the taskbar
  2. Press Alt-Space to open the window menu of the program.
  3. Now, using only the keyboard cursor keys:
    a) Select "Move"
    b) Use cursor keys to move the window until you can see it.

OP is referring to AB built-in Notepad window and not the MS Windows Notepad.exe App.
Those child windows Forms don't appear in Taskbar.


Travic is correct I was referring to the Amibroker Notepad and Interpretation windows.

My biggest problem is having a 4K screen and one pixel is very small on it. I actually had to move AB to the 1080 screen to see and solve the problem.

4K screens are not the best, look great but have heaps of problems with fonts, next laptop will have a lot lower resolution screen for sure.

Ops... I thought it was an off-topic issue.

What matters is DPI (dots per inch, pixel size), not absolute resolution.
4K screen for laptop is way over the top, but 4K screen in 40-43 inch size is actually good. DPI on such monitor is in range of 100 and pixel size of 0.24mm that is pretty close to 1280x1024 on 17 inch monitor, which means Windows looks perfectly fine on "normal" settings (no scaling).