Lot Size in AmiBroker

Is there any way and/or method to find the lot size of Futures Contract?

The AmiBroker database schema includes Contract Specifications including Round Lot Size, Margin Deposit, Tick Size, and Point Value. You can see these values in the Symbol Information window. If your data provider has populated these values in the database, then you can just access them in AFL using the corresponding built-in variable names. If the values are not populated in the database, then you will need to find the information yourself and enter it manually, or create a file to import the data for each symbol of interest.

Try here

Hello... thanks for the help, unfortunately my data provider does not provide with the lot size data.

I have got an idea to take the array of LTQ (Last Traded Quantities) and then find the minimum of it. That could possibly be the LOT size. Hope it Works!