Lowest value since buy

I am trying to integrate the lowest value since "Buy" was triggered in my backtesting results with the following:

LowestBuy = LowestSince(Buy, L);

But it returns the close value when Buy was triggered. Any help would be welcome.

See debugging-techniques and how-do-i-debug-my-formula.


That is when using explore (this I can get to work). I am trying to do the same during a backtest.

When and where on the Backtest Report do you want the value to be displayed?

See here for a guide values-in-backtest-trade-list.

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Seems this was the thing I missed:

I used:

trade.AddCustomMetric( "LowestSince", Lookup( LowestSince, trade.EntryDateTime ) );

Instead of:

trade.AddCustomMetric( "LowestSince", Lookup( LowestSince, trade.ExitDateTime ) );

Using the ExitDateTime showed the correct LowestSince value. Thanks for your help TrendSurfer

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