MA Cross occurring within 10 bars after Buy

I am trying to add a sell signal if a moving average cross occurs within the first 10 bars following buy signal. Then Sell on the 10th bar.
I researched the forum and found HighestSince and HHV but can't seem to pinpoint how best to achieve my goal.

A couple attempts at coding this:

MAexit = Cross (MA(Close, 30),  MA(Close,10)); 
Sell = HighestSince (Buy, MAexit, 10)>0; 

I don't think the highest since "nth 10" is correct here.
OR another attempt:

MAexit = Cross (MA(Close, 30),  MA(Close,10)); 
Sell = HHV(MAexit, 10)>0; 

but this wouldn't give me the 10 bar lockout after Buy that I am looking for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Possibly something like this. I have not properly tested it.

Sell = Ref( Buy, -10 ) AND BarsSince( MAexit ) < 10;

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