MacBook misbehaves, was: Define filter screen close prematurely

Hi experts,

I am using ab 6.20.1. The software worked very well for many years. Recently when i tried to define filter, the screen appear after clicking icon. However the define screen close prematurely before I got a chance to change the watchlist to be included in the screen. I tried different databases and have the same problem.

I wonder what is happening and appreciate help on this matter.

Thank you


May i have your guildance on the matter please.

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Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

You need to post screenshot from database settings.

Are you using Norgate or other 3rd party vendor?

If so, create a NEW database with "Data source" set to "(local database)".

Also you might have corrupted some data files, you may delete
broker.groups,, broker.sectors, - text files that contain default names for groups, markets, sectors and industries. Used only at the database creation time. Later this information is stored per-database in broker.workspace file. If you delete them, AmiBroker will default to group n, market n, sector n, industry n names, where n is 1...256 as described in the manual Files used by AmiBroker

Dear Tomasz,
Further to the reply above i like to add further information as follows:
I run 32bit version.
I use Yahoo and tiingo intraday datasource only. When I try to select the watchlist for exploration using the pull down manual, the screen close prematurely not allow the selection / input. The problem exist for all databases( i have different databases for HK, US, tiingo intraday etc). As different databases have their own files, chance for all of them to be corrupted at the same time may be small I guess.
Appreciate your advise as how should i proceed to resolve the matter.

Thank you ver much

Dear Tomasz,

Thank you for your reply. I recalled there was AB crash and it likely have caused the directories damage. The Crash recovery system screen did appeared and i mistakenly did not choose to recover.

I wonder if there is a way to do an after the fact crash recovery system repair and if so how to do it

Per your instruction in your reply, I may delete those broker.xxxx files and AB will regenerate them automatically. I just want to confirm the understanding is correct.

If all fail, i think it is probably time to upgrade to the latest 64bit AB and then move the old database to the new one. Appreciate if you could provide a few tip as how that is done.

Thank you,

To fix corrupted database, you can delete broker.workspace and broker.master in the corrupt directory. You can delete content of Watchlists subfolder too (not the folder itself). Also make sure that
your antivirus or other 3rd party software did not delete directory structure that is required
as described Understanding AmiBroker database concepts

Or.. create A NEW DATABASE.

I deleted the broker.workspace and broker.master of a database(yahoo). Restart AB and reopen the database. Found the the deleted directory was recreated by the system. However the define filter screen still prematurely closed, even faster.

Please, do read and follow entire advice. I wrote:

you may delete broker.groups,, broker.sectors,

Did you do that? Only AFTER that delete workspace and master.

Regretfully, I simply coud not found broker.groups,, broker.sectors,, may it be the amibroker directory nor the databases under it
Is there anyway to regenerate them? Or a new AB needed to be reinstalled.


The files should be present in AmiBroker directory (where application is), not in the database directory. It is documented Files used by AmiBroker Windows by default hides extensions. Chances are that you did not change Explorer to show extensions and that is why you can't find files.

Thank you very much Tomsaz for the help. However even with the extension display option checked, the files cannot be found still.

Is there any way to add those files back?

You can re-run setup in place (without deleting anything) and it will restore these files.

You can also zip the database folder (this new database that you have created) and send to support.

I cannot find setup for orginal 6.20 so i use setup for 6.25. The upgrade was successful but problem regretfully persisted.

Do you think it will help if I buy the latest upgrade and update the software?


The problem is NOT within the software, but within DATA (database).
You have to create EMPTY database. Completely empty, without any watchlists. Then add SINGLE symbol and then try Filter dialog. This should work regardless of version. Then you can add things one by one. First you can copy broker.master from faulty database and try if it works. You have to do ONE thing at a time and try. Then again ONE thing and try again. Rinse and repeat until you find what file exactly causes problem.

I try to create a new empty database but the screen dialog also close prematurely before i can even name the database.
It seems the UI is not useable at all. Please help.

Thank you

I am using 32bit AB. I recall i have previously installed a 64bit AB in another pc. Would it be easier to move the 64bit AB to my working machine and relocate the databases. If that is the case please provide the url of the pages to guide how to do that.

If opening any dialog closes the app, something completely weird is happening with your computer and you are heavily low on resources and/or hardware is malfunctioning. You might have: instable power supply, faulty RAM, RAM sticks not sitting correctly in sockets, failing disk/SSD, overheating CPU (did you remove dust build up from INSIDE of your computer, especially CPU fan?), Windows failure, faulty antivirus and/or virus on your computer.

First thing is to RESTART WINDOWS. Do "cold reboot". Sometimes Windows simply "disintegrates" (for example running out of User handles and/or GDI handles) by itself after few days of use. Then run torture test such as Prime95 to be sure that hardware is stable.

All other application running normal. AB is the only app that is experiencing problem.
I ran some checking program on the drivers and viruses and there were no major problems. Temperature of my macbook seem normal as well.
ie the chance of having pc hardware problems is low.

I am kind of our of my depth in resolving this very strange problem, I would appreciate further help to get me out of the ditch. A lot of my tools reply on explorations and scan. Appreciate your continual support on this matters.

Many thanks,

18 days after initial post you suddenly say that you are using Apple MacBook.

AmiBroker is Windows application, not MacOS.

Don't you think that providing such crucial information is necessary in first place? And not providing it wastes everybody's time? What other hidden information do you have to share? Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

The "other apps" are MAC apps, don't they? And you run under EMULATOR, don't you?

Or maybe BootCamp?

And maybe it is M1 processor ???

How could I possibly know that without user actually providing crucial info???

there were no major problems.

No major? How about minor problems? Are there any?

Sorry Tomasz for not detail enough. My macbook pro run windows.
No major problem refers to only some auto start program such as vpn software. Anyway there were no cpu/hw resource hungry issues and there were no viruses found.
The macbook use intel processor and as for as i know no M1 processor.
Hope it is sufficient.