Make backups! Yes YOU need a backup!

Everyday I am totally surprised how reckless people are with their stuff. Everyday I got dozens of "I lost my key file" emails.

Really? Can't you people just make a BACKUP of your important stuff (like purchases that you made)?

So TODAY, not tomorrow, make a BACKUP of important stuff. Best way is to do full disk image backup:

Full disk image would save you when your hard disk crashes or when ransomware virus attacks. Full disk image backup provides better safety option than any antivirus ever can. In case of disaster you simply restore full image.

Also if you did not make a backup and "lost" your key file use (use only email you have originally purchased license with).

And PRINT (yes the old good HARD copy) your text-based license keys (like AmiQuote key).

Also, BACKUP installation files. Everyday I get dozens of "I need a setup". Really? How hard is to backup 10MB file? Make BACKUPS. Today.

Link to installations files of many versions are included in: (member downloads for versions higher than 6.0)
Links to Beta versions and previous versions as they were announced:

Also when contacting support use email address that you used during purchase. If you use different email address, we can not send you any information about your license until purchase is proven. This takes lots of time and unnecessary work. So just use correct email address.

Also do NOT bomb us with repeated emails. Really it does not help. It just slows down all responses as every mail has to be read and we are wasting enormous amounts of time on people who send 3 or 4 same emails. Be patient. The support has 24 hours to answer. We are humans, not robots. Need to sleep sometimes.