Managing AFL files

Hi all,

When editing a .afl file, the Formula Editor seems to create a new file in the costums dir. When I make changes to it, I expect that they will be saved in the file I opened in the first place, but it doesnt happen.
What is the best way to manange a dir tree with sell made files and dependencies among them?

Thank, WJ

No it does not create new file unless you told it to do so in the preferences
Tools->Preferences, Editor tab: Move edited files from drag-drop to Custom folder option.


You need to read the Tutorial about difference between "Insert" and "Insert linked" How to use 'drag and drop' charting interface

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Thank you.

In my charts I have a map 'custom'. When I click on one of the files, I see the graph in a pane. With 'Edit Formula' I open it in the formula editor. The title bar shows the name with a counter added to it. When I save changes, it gets saved to another directory. I unchecked the option you showed. Is this expected behavior?

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