MARKET PROFILE(Peter Steidlmayer)

I am able to do coding only with condition and I am not knowledgeable enough in AFL to develop an indicator for market profile. In the forum, I can see some discussion happened in the past which is difficult for me to follow up. Is there any ready to use AFL for Market profile?

Hello av.ragavan,

in final consequence you have to learn AFL as we all did. You have to go this way step-by-step because you have to understand every millimeter of your code. copy + paste is not possible because you have to check the results of your scripts, debug your formula and verify the results. You have to modify or enhance calculations in the future by your own.

A starting point is always first search in this forum, second search via Google ...

link to potentially unsafe site removed

Remember: copy + paste will not be the solution for your trading success.

Regards, Peter

Agreed, Thanks for sharing the link.

I don't see the reason why this web site uses .RAR instead of providing AFL in pure text format. RAR can be used to hide viruses. Also the formulas included on that web site have errors.

Just use built-in Volume-At-Price chart that is shipped with AmiBroker (Basic Charts / Volume At Price Multi) instead.

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