Market Value calculation

Hi all,

The system calculates the volumetric average entry price when scaling in (as expected).
In this example this is $84.39642. So far so good.
However, when the Market Value is calculated I was expecting this number x qty of shares to be used. i.e. $84.39642 x 3456.015 = $38,486.033. Instead, I have $40,319.88.

Please see attached screenshot.

Can someone please clarify where my mistake is?


Which is the Market Value for your total holding of 456.015 shares.

456.015 shares @ $84.39 = $38,485

3456.015 = 456.015, apologies for the typo

Market value uses the current price, not your entry price.

OK, I cannot change the original post where I make a mistake but the issue is the same.

Allow me to clarify the issue:

In a scale in scenario I have:

  • a volumetric average entry price of $84.39642,
  • current quantity of 456.015 and
  • current price of $80.375.
    Based on this I am expecting a current market value of 456.015 x $80.375 = $36,652.2056 not $40,319.88.

This also throws out my Equity value.
Please have a look at the screenshot and test it with your calculator.

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Your assumption of the current price is incorrect...

Open positions value at the end of the bar are calculated using given bar CLOSE price, not entry price, or average entry price.