Markets folder empty

My Market Folder has very limited data inside. For Instance, NASDAQ indicates (4), NSYE (5). I have my preferences set at Premium Data for my data feed. I can view various securities when I individually type them in at the Charting tool.
I have been having problems running a verified code and one of the possible sources for my problem may be that I have no data loaded in my S&P Folder. I thought that the premium data would automatically find its home when I update the system, But none of the various Market Folders or Groups seem to receive any of the Data from PremiumData.

When I back test the verified formula I get zero results.

Hi Jonathan,

You're using our older (legacy) data system - Premium Data. The (4) and (5) represent the MarketID, not the number of constituent in the Market. You can verify the number of stocks in a given market by hovering your mouse pointer of the market.

After you've opened a security, you can see how much historical data it has within it by clicking Symbol->Quote Editor.

For the Premium Data system, we have detailed instructions here of what to do, particularly in respect of running maintenance:

If you still have issues, it's probably best you contact us direct on and provide as many details on your issue.

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