Marking and searching for formations on the chart

I am very interested in switching to the Amibroker program.
Is it possible to create the following functionality in Amibroker?
Mark any number of points on the chart for which the exact time of the minute (from the X axis) will be saved in Amiboker and make such links to this point in which clicks the graph will set up instantly in the right-most side of the screen this point .
This must work as part of the bar replay function. so that by marking the points for example at an interval of 15 minutes one could quickly see how it looks from the perspective of other intervals.
All this is meant to mark several types of formations on the chart and very fast browsing of a given type of formation regardless of other types of formation. I think that it will be a little over 10 formations, i.e. there will be more than 10 points-marks differing from each other.
Is this functionality ready in the current version of the program? Would it have to be done in AFL?

Is the demo version of the program fully functional for 30 days?

R. Kos

I am not sure why you just don't display charts in multiple intervals in parallel. You can have ALL intervals displayed at once and look at formations immediately on ALL intervals you wish without need to click anywhere.

But of course you can also create code where your clicks are registered and line is drawn between points, or lines are drawn at certain intervals.

And yes it can be done in demo version too.