Maximize BackTest Output

Hello All,
I would like to have my backtest give me the MAX signals for the following scenario:
I have 10 conditions that I would like the backtest to fulfill on a pool of stocks. Once those conditions are met I want the full results listed. I don’t care about any other parameter such as profit/loss/position size/margin… etc.

I find that for example I have 100 stocks and one of those stocks is Ford. I create the 10 conditions, run the backtest and I get a couple of matches, but I don’t get the Ford stock (even though I know for a fact those 10 conditions are met in the Ford stock). I’ll then run the backtest on just the Ford stock and it’ll give me a positive result. So somehow the Ford stock is being rejected when I run the full 100 stock scan. I need guidance with this. Thanks.

It would be easier for people to help you if you would provide some example code. The first things I would check would be whether you have set your max open positions high enough and your position size small enough that you can enter all trades without exceeding your available capital.

You can also go into the Analysis Settings to set your Report Output to Detailed Log instead of Trade List .That should show you if the Ford trade is being rejected for some reason.

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I suggest you check your backtester settings because the portfolio may not have enough cash to purchase Ford (after entering other purchases). You could try increasing the initial equity.

backtester settings

Thank you both Gentlemen. It turned out the solution was to run the backtest “individually” to the stocks as opposed to running it in portfolio mode. This gave me all the results.