May I know where can I access (Singapore) SGX EOD data for Amibroker?

Any info greatly appreciated!

You can download from Yahoo Finance using AmiQuote. First you need to know the ticker symbol e.g. Singapore Airlines is C6L, and add .SI in AmiQuote. The list of all ticker symbols can be download from this link.
Securities - Singapore Exchange (SGX)

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@Cubocubo, for instance, you can use free data from Yahoo Finance or using a paid service like
For both data providers, you can use Amiquote (in the second case, creating user-definable data sources).
In both cases, you should follow a procedure similar to the one described in this old thread, creating, as a first step, a file (.tls) with the list of stocks for your market adding to each symbol the suffix used by the selected data provider.

Thank you Peter and beppe!

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