MCX ( Indian Commodity ) Server DATA download in the AmiQuote

How to download MCX Data in to the Amibroker ( Crude oil, Silver , Gold ) etc.
Any help on this ?

MCX data is no different form any other market data you might already be importing in Ami.

If its intra data, please contact the data vendor. Most of them have APIs - easily configurable.
If looking for iEOD data - then again, data vendor will have a help page on how to import it.
If you are looking for daily data, then I suggest, get the data from vendor/exchange. And do have a look at this

Please be specific in your query.


I think , i have i should frame my question differently.
My question is how to download the MCX data from the Google / Yahoo?
Has anybody got success in past ?

AFAIK Yahoo/Google don’t provide MCX data. Please re-check.
If you do find anything useful/worthwhile, please drop in a word.

The MCX symbols can be seen in the below link from Yahoo:

The names can be put in Amiquote and EOD data can be fetched