Measure distance not price change


Does Amibroker have an ability to measure the distance between 2 points on a chart. I am not interested in the price and percentage change between the Start and End point. Rather I want to know the actual distance in cm between the Start and End point of the line.

Thank you for any assistance.

Draw a Trendline from a one bar to the other, than pause mouse over the trendline until popup window display, look for Bars

In cm will depend on zoom factor and scale used


Thank you for responding.

Yes, see the bars noted, however, I do not see the measurement in cm. Even when I zoom, I see no indication of cm? How would I set the scale to be cm as you’ve noted so that I see the measurement in cm?

Thanks again.

Sorry, I was not clear. What I meant is that depending on the zoom the measure in cm would change.


Thank you for getting back to me. Thank you for clarifying. I see your point regarding the changing cm depending on chart zoom.