Metastock Plugin – How to update the new symbols

I had been using data via Amibroker’s Metastock Plug-in.
I noticed that new symbols introduced in Metastock are not automatically updated in Amibroker.
Can anybody suggest what can be done in Amibroker in order that new symbols introduced in Metastock are updated automatically in the list of symbols in Amibroker via the Metastock plug-in?



You need to go to File->Database Settings->Configure and press Retrieve Symbols

Hi Tony, are you using Metastock's Data Link, directly from metastock?
Curious as to how seamless it was to get it up and running
I tried downloading data in a metastock format and had errors in that it couldnt recognise the date.
metastock downt have a trial, otherwise i would have tried that

thanks for any help

nope..I'm using a local data service provider which has a software to read in csv files and convert them to metastock format...I did this to overcome some locale issue...
With Amibroker you should be able to read in ASCII directly, which is the case I'm using for US stocks. Amibroker is good enough to have an option under the Tool menu to update the US ticker symbols...