Mid-level CBI & ApplyStop

I’m learning the CBI and trying different patterns. This article talks to creating one’s own array for the display of the stop. In effect the stop is calculated in full manually.

The implication, which I may be incorrect in assuming, is that the value of the stop generated by the ApplyStop function is not exposed?

I’ve cannot see a GetBacktesterObject method or parameter object when iterating via GetFirstSignal. When in the mid-level CBI should I calc my own stop manually?

@DingoCC I think the information in this forum discussion might help you,

How to plot trailing stop, was: ApplyStop() function

ApplyStop() does not generate any values. It is just instruction or ‘switch’ for the backtester that says “hey backtester, when you will be running portfolio backtest, would you please turn on stop X and handle it internally”. All logic and processing is done during actual backtest, not during your formula execution.