Migrating Amiquote to a new computer

Dear all,

Could anybody tell me how to migrate Amiquote to a new computer?



AmiQuote is part of AmiBroker setup file.
So simply install AmiBroker on new computer first.
That's it because AmiQuote will be installed too.

If (afterwards) you want to copy AmiQuote user data of same AmiQuote version of old PC to new PC then simply copy&paste entire C:\...\AmiBroker\AmiQuote folder of old PC to AmiBroker installation folder of new computer and overwrite files and folders.

In order to install AmiBroker (it includes AmiQuote and AFL Code Wizard) on a new computer, you need to:

  1. Run full setup program downloaded from:
  2. Run activation key.
  3. If you need your old data, you can simply copy entire AmiBroker directory from old computer to a new one (note that this should be done only after steps 1 and 2)

More info is available here:


will this work the same way when upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit?

That is, if I install 64-bit using steps 1 and 2 and then copy the 32-bit directory, will I retain my chart layouts, notes, etc?

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Dear Tomasz,

Dear Fxshrat,

Thank you very much for your help, but I am afraid I cannot do it so easily. I have downloaded Amibroker version 6.20.1 ( this is the latest one I had on my old computer). I was not asked by the wizard to run an activation key (by the way I bought Amibroker in January 2016 and Amiquote in January 2017, so I cannot find activation key now). But as I managed to install Amibroker, I decided to run Amiquote – but after downloading several tickers there was an info that this is a trial version.

What can I do with this?



License for AmiQuote is separate. Any licensing issues / questions should only be discussed in PRIVATE by direct email to support.