Migrating to 64-bit

Using a 32-bit 5.x AB on Win7x64 with a few databases, user-written formulas, and some third-party work (Batman, BTWFM, IO, MCO).

From the looks of 6.30, I might not need or want all of those plug-ins if I migrate to 64-bit 6.30?

Where are the best articles or threads that describes the best practices for migrating to 64-bit with minimal loss of work and time?

I searched for "migrate" and "convert" in title here in the forum and did notice something specific.

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Hello. I've been using 32-bit AmiBroker for a long time and because Statica plugin (which I use) is finally available in 64-bit version I would like to migrate to 64-bit AmiBroker. For now I would like to have both versions installed on the same PC. I know that customizations of user interface are stored in the system registry. Because I would like to keep them (at least in 32-bit version) I would like to ask what happens if I install 64-bit AB on a computer with 32-bit AB already installed. Will AmiBroker's registry be overwritten with default settings for both versions (and I lose my UI customizations) or will they be kept separate?

I have not contacted Statica's support to confirm this yet, but maybe someome knows if Statica 5 database is compatible with Statica 4? Probably it would be saver to create a new database from scratch instead of copying it from 32-bit version, but it would save me a lot of time if I could simply copy it.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

AFAICS they are not overwrittten by different bitness.

I have both bitness versions installed here. And there are no issues with UI customizations.
They are sharing them.

But to be sure to not lose current ones you can do this:

  1. Keep AB 32-bit open.
    As long as you have it opened customizations (toolbar/menu bar/...) are not getting lost.
  2. Then install 64-bit AB.
  3. Start 64-bit AB.
  4. If it shows same UI customizations as you are used to then all is fine and stop reading.
  5. If not then close 64-bit AB again.
  6. Then in 32-bit click Save all and close 32-bit AB (it will update registry).
  7. Restart 64-bit. Normally by now 64-bit should have the same UI customization.

But I don't think points 5. to 7. are needed.

(If all did not work then kick up my backside (if you can))


UI customizations are stored in two locations:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TJP\Broker registry key
  • Broker.exe-CommandBars51 file in AmiBroker directory

Registry key is used by both, the file is separate for each install but you can copy between versions.

Database format for both 32-bit and 64-bit is identical.


Thank you Fxshrat, thank you Tomasz! I have just installed 64-bit version.

Fxshrat I followed your advice to keep AmiBroker 32-bit open during 64-bit installation (it seemed a very good advice) but eventually I didn't succeed (in keeping my UI customizations) because:

  1. It turned out, that I had to reboot PC to finish AB 64 installation and after this reboot, AB 32-bit customizations were gone
  2. I also had to close all AB instances to register 64-bit version.

A few days ago I made a copy of AmiBroker's registry, so I can probably bring those settings back. Another option is recreating custom UI elements from scratch. I made them once, so I will make them twice :wink:

Once again thank you for the advice!

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