MindManager link with AmiBroker

My question is pretty much a Yes/No answer within the forum. Is anyone using it with Amibroker ? A search doesn't reveal anything on the subject.
I've been using MindManager as a guide to a Ranking System I'm formulating, because at this stage it involves 11 indicators with their various parameters. All the code combined makes thousands of lines. Quite a handful to analyse, so I've broken it down to #include files. The MM layout diagram can open these by link as a text file, but not in the colour coded way AB does in the formula editor. So the error checking on the fly is lost.
I haven't done anything in IBcontroller or Plugins, and maybe this is the key. In the past I have accessed an external program within another through the Windows command line - This may be the way in MM, but I thought I'd get some ideas here first.
See the layout and how easily it explains the overall system is gold. The little boxes are links to `AB as text files.

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I've managed to reach first base and can link AB program to MM direct through a hyperlink dialogue box with command line options that should open the desired file. I added the command line to open file, but no cigar. Click it again and it opens a second AB. Grrrrr..
My thinking is that if Formula Editor was accessible outside AB, this would work perfectly. Is this possible ?

No, but you can use Notepad2 with C/C++ styling for almost-there AFL highlighting.

I guess there's a million reasons that I am not able to perceive why Formula Editor couldn't be sub licensed like AFLWiizard.

It is not about license. It is just about integration. Formula Editor does more than just editing files, it has integrated debugger that is, for example, capable of displaying values of STATIC variables. Static variables live in AmiBroker process memory. If formula editor was separate program, it would not be able to access static variables in AmiBroker process memory.

Thanks Tomasz, end of topic. It was the debugger I was after because I'm a horrible programmer.