Minimum Bar for New Company IPO Data

Hi guys,

Currently I'm using Amibroker 6.35.1 64-bit, and there's a new IPO Data and I used EOD ASCII Import, so there's only 1 bar provided, so chart did not show.
The message from chart said "Not enough data available. To plot any chart at least 3 data bars are needed, but there's only 1 bars"


I know the problem was about the minimum data bars, but I would like to know, are there any way to change the minimum data bars so I could show the new IPO Data?


You can not have chart out of one data point.

If you want to see the chart you need at least 3. So you would need an INTRADAY chart, or in case of daily charts, 3 daily bars.

Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for your reply.
Can I request this feature for next release?