Misbehaving 3rd party plugin: .NET for AmiBroker will be banned

Almost everyday we receive emails that report problems with 3rd party plugin .NET for AmiBroker that displays error messages like this:

20200522,14:00:28.872,15556,DotNetHost,Info,.NET for AmiBroker (x64) - Developer Edition, Version:
20200522,14:00:28.872,15556,DotNetHost,Info,OS version: 5.1.0,
20200522,14:00:28.872,15556,DotNetHost,Info,Trial period expires in 5 days.
20200522,14:00:28.872,15556,DotNetHost,Info,AmiBroker version: 6.35
20200522,14:00:28.892,15556,DotNetHost,Error,AmiBroker version incompatibility. Maximum compatible AmiBroker version is 6x.
20200522,14:00:28.892,15556,DotNetHost,Error,Starting DotNetHost plug-in failed.
20200522,14:00:28.892,15556,DotNetHost,Info,Start Diag and License Utility (dl.exe) to check possible cause of error.

This is totally unacceptable for 3rd party plugin to
a) block normal loading of AmiBroker
b) do version checking for AmiBroker and refusing to work on newer editions
c) do license checks during Init() and display errors like this

For this abusive behavior that ruins experience with AmiBroker, 3rd party plugin .NET for AmIBroker is banned now, until all above mentioned misbehaviors are removed.

Properly behaving plugin MUST NOT do ANY license checks or ANY other checks during loading (Init phase). Any checks can only be done IF and ONLY IF user actually CALLS 3rd party functions exposed by the plugin. Only on explicit user function call AND NOWHERE else

Any other plugin that will show similar abusive behavior as .NET plugin will be banned.

Anyone getting the message like this should REMOVE .NET plugin from Plugins subdirectory.