Missing headers for custom metrics on backtest report

I added custom metrics to my backtesting report, but the column headings don't show up in the backtest report, although they do show up in the trade list in the Analysis window.

Is this a known issue or did I do something wrong (which would not surprise me)?


@PeterD, this seems to be the way it works at present.

I simply pasted in a formula the code example that is available near the end of this official document and the result is the same:


If theres is a trick to display the "custom" headers in the report I do not know it!

Thanks, @beppe! Great to have confirmation that it's not just me.

The way this HTML table is produced prevents custom columns captions. You can however Ctrl+C (copy) directly from Result list and paste to Excel, or use File->Export HTML menu in AmiBroker and you will have those custom columns.

Great, thanks Tomasz. I've been using the copy/paste directly from the trade list but I'm glad to know about the ability to copy/paste from the report table.

Deleted post. This thread answers my issue.