Missing Symbols from Metastock plug-in connection


I have been using Metastock plug-in for a about an year with no problem, but recently I have added two more data folders and noticed that it is not showing all the symbols that contains on the MASTER file.

As usual I have already used the Retrieve option, but problem persists. I have confirmed the issue is not on the Master file, because if I use the option Import Metastock Data and open the MASTER file, I can properly see the missing symbols.

Not sure if I need to change any parameter, so far I have the following symbols info but since the plugin has the option of Local data Storage disable, not sure if there is any effect.


Thanks in advance of any help or guidance!

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Metastock database format has fixed limits depending on format version that you use:

  • MASTER file holds only 255 symbols
  • EMASTER file holds something like upto 2000 symbols (from memory)
  • XMASTER can hold more than 2000 (but also has limit <65K but I don't remember exactly right now)

Make sure you chose XMASTER

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