Mixed data from iqfeed

i thought i had this working but i set up a new database and am kind of confused. i use iqfeed. i want a reasonable amount of 1 minute data (a year is fine) but I want 10 years worth of EOD.

I set it up to be 1 minute on the first screen, set it up to be mixed database. But when i backfill it’s only giving me about 2 years (it’s inconsistant) of EOD data. i have the # of bars set to a large # (like 200,000) so that should be sufficient for the 1 minute data…and i have the configuratino for EOD set to 10 years.

(It seems like it’s only giving me daily data views back to the length of the 1 minute data)

i think i should be able to set it up the way I want, is that correct?

You’ve got too few bars. IQFeed has now much longer Intraday histories and with 200K bars there is no room for EOD. 500K or more bars is recommended for mixed mode in IQFeed.