Mixed intraday/EOD with eSignal or IQFeed

Hello amibroker community!

Thanks for reading my help request.

I need EOD data and intraday data for my trading system. I understood that it is possible to handle both EOD/intraday data in a single amibroker database.

Working with intraday and daily charts

If your data source supports mixed EOD/Intraday mode (such as eSignal or IQFeed) you can use single database for both types of charts.

if I use a mixed EOD/intraday single database.
What do I get with: TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", inDaily, -1 ) // get the high of the day before

Is it the "high" from EOD data or compressed data from intraday?

Here my AFL-Code :

// automatic trading system
// amibroker 6.40.4
// realtime data and EOD data from IQFeed
// 15 Minutes bars standard timeframe
// buy    
Buy = close > TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", inDaily, -1 ) ;  // close intraday is greater then daily high yesterday
// Sell  
Sell = 0 ;  
// automatic place order at Interactive Brokers 
if ( LastValue(Buy) )  
   // connect to IB 
   ibc = GetTradingInterface("IB");

It is described here:

For old bars, where there are no intraday data available they will be EOD records returned, for new bars where you have intraday data you would get compressed from intraday.

Thank you so much.
Really helpful.
I am using data vom IB for intraday and EOD (compression based) now. But there are often quality issues regarding EOD data with IB.
So my idea was to use Norgate EOD and mix it with IB intraday data, but as I red in the forum not a recommended way.
I will try IQFeed for EOD and intraday. I hope this will work.