Modified include files do not trigger insert linked indicator reload

If an include file is modified, insert linked AFL formulas which reference the include file are not reloaded.

This applies to files referenced directly as well as files referenced indirectly (nested includes).

What's up with that?

Include file content (See "" in animation below):

x = 1;

AFL applied on chart via insert linked (see output in Interpretation window):

#include <>

printf("x = %g", x);

Watch this:


You mean "MythBusters"?

Well, what is the wording...
I guess it's "Myth debunked".

Other than that read here





@fxshrat i do not understand how your post applies to this issue.

Please read the FAQ... What is the difference between Insert and Insert Linked option in chart menu?

Are you serious?
Read your 1st post!!


You claimed that if modifying include file then AFL files been inserted linked are not updated.

READ HERE and stop joking around!

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Comes from a guy who is not able to follow basic guidelines. If you look for respect in return then pay respect first.

And again you come up with kiddy like SMS style.

I am 100% correct here as it has been proven by providing clear facts with reproducible examples instead of posting SMS style gibberish.

Oh look at that... not based on facts but on guesses. Not sure anymore so has to double check first.
What's up with that?

The story before is just talk.
Formula1 writes to file1. Good for you.
No one knows what file. Write to file how?
What does include file got to do with that file1 no one knows what it is about and what's include file's content and whether it is even related to creating file1 by formula1 which surprise surprise is of unknown content too?
What's up with that?

Useless story telling. And formula does not even exist anymore. Thanks for wasting time.

But at least it is proven that modifying include file causes update from main file. Good.


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