Modify The CandleWidth of Candle Stick Bar like Candle Volume?

Hi, can AmiBroker be used to modify the "Width" of each CandleStick Bar to "0.5x" of its Height?
.... for TA Analysis purposes?
.... any programmer here can do this function, plse assist.

Appreciate yr help.

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Search the forum, @Milosz has already elaborately explained in your earlier post few minutes ago.

It may so happen that members will stop responding to your queries.

Google will also give you related posts.

and while you are here, kindly read this

@isaac - agree with @travick. Your question can be interpreted in several ways. You should put some more effort in describing your goal and attach a screenshot showing what are you trying to achieve. For instance I don't know if you just want to make all candles wider or looking for a solution allowing to change candles width on bar by bar basis - like for instance with Equivolume bars:


Thks for yr reply. i want to set the width of each Candle Bar to be 0.5 of its Height. Thks.


Anyone can assist to edit all the Candle Bar Width, W to be 0.5x of its Height, H?

... Thks alot for yr sharing.

It is not as simple as you might think, because in this case each candle would have different width and this would distort the X (time) axis.

Now the main question is why would you like to do that? You didn't write about it. Just to have shorter bars? If yes, there is a very simple way of achieving that. Simply Hold Shift down, press left mouse button down in the Y axis area and move up or down. If you do that, you will be able to adjust candles' hight.

Another way is via View --> Zoom --> Shorter/Taller Bars


Everything is possible via Gfx functions, but because you didn't provide any good reason for such solution, and I can't think of any (except of the equivolume bars which serve a different purpose - here the width of the bar reflects volume information - which is very useful) I won't be trying to do that.


FYI, the Width may be modify to 0.25 or. 0.75 of its Height later, to do some Tech hope AmiBroker AFL can do this? Anyone can help? Thks alot.

You might have some ideas looking into this code

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As @Milosz wrote - your equation W = 0.5 * H makes no sense because X axis is expressed in TIME units while Y axis is in DOLLAR units.

Also if you meant pixels only, it makes little sense as X axis is time. If you did what you want, you would have candles overlapping each other in most cases because there is candle width would be larger than candle spacing. And also when prices are large you would get wider candles. What purpose would that serve?

As others wrote, technically you can draw such chart using low-level gfx functions but the basic premise of such chart ("fixed W:H candle proportion chart?") makes no sense to me completely.

Generally you need to read this:

It explains that you should describe the GOAL (i.e. WHY you need something).

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Noted & thks for yr pointers, i will try to be specific. Let me think how to re-phrased it correctly.

I used to have a copy of this code, however the link is no longer live.

Would someone mind sharing their copy please?

Internet Archive reveals that the code shared in that purged link is a copy/paste of a masterpiece shared by Aron Pipa in the AFL Library.


Dear Milosz,

Do you have the AFL code for equivolume charts? I couldnt find one and the one or two that are there are not running effectively!

@funnyzebra The only one that I'm aware of is the code mentioned in the post above (AFL Library).

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Since you're interested in Equivolume Charting, may I also suggest you to study this book:

Then probably you'll discover that the same could've been visualized using a Volume Profile or Volume at Price (VAP) overlay on a price chart - my opinion only! :slight_smile: