Modifying a trailing stop order; TWS error 10067

Using IBController 1.3.8 and TWS 978, I receive error 10067 when changing only the number of shares in a trailing stop order using the following:

StopLossOrderID = ibc.ModifyOrder( "32122", "MESU1-GLOBEX-FUT", "SELL", 73, "TRAIL", 0, 22.25, "GTC", True, 50000, "", "", "", 1, "" ); 

The error is: 10067. Stop price must be changed together with the trailing amount for a trailing order

TWS then shows a yellow update button for this order, but it really doesn't make any change other than the number of shares... it accepts the same value for the trailing stop that I had submitted already.

If I actually do change the trailing amount, the error does not appear. However, I don't want to change the trailing amount.

I can't find any documentation of this requirement at the following pages:

And I can't find this error code in the API docs:

Is there any way around this error, other than cancelling and sending a new order?

Workaround: try to modify the trailing amount twice, first to a (slightly) different value, second to the desired one.

Please note that this is not AmiBroker issuing this error. TWS is doing that and your best bet is to ask IB support for solutions to any errors generated by TWS.

Thanks, I'll reach out to IB.