Monitoring iqFeed realtime quotes (many stocks) against price levels

Dear forum,
This question may be a trivial beginner question. I'm abolutely not sure. ^^
I'm programimming in AB since years; but normally for backtesting or own data plugins.

My actual project regards realtime scans on MANY underlyings in AB the first time.

I work with iqFeed data.
I'm searching for the best way to do
fast periodic realtime scans on 500(and more!) stocks regarding a price level which is
calculated on daily basis(so the level is fixed for the day) for every stock.

I have the opportunity do an automated,periodic scan/exploration where I check the prices and fire an alert if the price is reached. This solution would be best.
But in this case I start a time consuming data download for every stock every time it's scanned. Right?

An Easy Alert in the Realtime Quote Window monitors the price of an underlying using the realtime
quotes (ticks or maybe snapshots; not critical) of the underlying and fires an alert if a price is reached. Right?
So if I want to avoid historical downloads while simply monitoring a fixed price level for every stock I could create manually Easy Alerts for every stock.
But I would have to do it manually every day. :frowning: Right?

My goal would be to observe the realtime quotes automatically without manually entering price levels(Easy Alerts) and without firing historical downloads in scans/explorations all the time.

If I would realize it in my own plugin I would simply collect tick or realtimebar(like offered by IB) data and would deliver it to AB if a request would be fired from AB (in an exploration) to my plugin.
But I suspsect that the iqFeed plugin simply does a historical download on every request. Right?

Am I missing an opportunity or am I wrong in some of my assumptions?

Best Regards,

Easy alerts are stored in broker.alerts file. It is plain text file. You can modify/generate that file programmatically.

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