Move AB to new partition

I have all AB installed on my C: drive, which is almost full. Would like to move as much of AB and Norgate database to another partition. I've read the docs on migrating to a new computer. But I do not understand how the Registry would impact moving to a different partition and/or drive on same computer. Please help.

Actually the easiest way to move to the other drive without any headache is using symbolic link or directory junction.

As for the registry - I will not talk about Norgate, because I don't know what they are using, but AmiBroker does not really use absolute paths and you can move directory to other place and it will continue to work. There are few paths stored in the registry, but it is not really all that important and running AmiBroker once as admin would fix OLE registration entries to a new location automatically.

Really AmiBroker is SUPER LEAN and does not require baby sitting. Just move it to different drive, run it once as admin and you should be just fine.


So, are you saying that all I have to do is copy AB directory from C:\Program Files\ and paste into X:\Program Files. Test it, then delete AB directory from C:\Program Files? That simple? I can worry about Norgate later.

As written in the Knowledge Base it is advised to run setup program into new location: AmiBroker Knowledge Base » How to migrate AmiBroker to a new computer
and then copy files. Copying alone would work, but later when you run upgrade the setup program would still want to write to old location. Pointing setup to new location in first place is better way.

Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much.