Moving Average Displays not in Agreement

I have been intrigued and inspired by the posts made by @rocketPower and have been working with his codes trying to emulate and personalize them for my own use. Tonight I added a section for the interpretation window showing whether it was in a stage 2 uptrend or not but am not happy with what seems to be inaccurate, or at least inconsistent, reporting of some signals.

I hadn't intended to display the SMAs in the interpretation window but as part of the AFL learning process, I did unintentionally to some degree. Doing so, I came across a problem. If you'll notice in the screenshot, the SMA lines on the chart show SMA150 at 34.5925 and the SMA200 at 32.6914, however, in the interpretation window it shows something different. What could be causing this and how might I go about getting them to sync. My concern is I don't know which to trust and question whether my filters that use SMA are filtering correctly or not. Any help would be appreciated.


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WriteVal returns the Selected Line values. The values on the far right are for the last bar values.


Either I am not understanding or I am just not seeing it. Via the Writeval command, in the interpretation window, it shows SMA150 at 31.348 yet along the side bar of the graph, it shows the SMA150 Line at 34.5935. The SMA200 in the interpretation window says 30.256 yet in the sidebar of the graph it shows 32.6914. Shouldn't they be indicating the same thing?

As Trendsurfer already mentioned, the interpretation window is using your selected bar to print its value(the blue/purple vertical line you can move to select bars on the x axis). The values on the right of chart are for the last visible bar(far right value).

The values on the right will move as you scroll the chart on the x axis as the last visible bar(far right). The values on the top and the values for your interpretation window will follow selected bar with the blue/purple veritcal selector, or if the bar selector is turned off, it will match the last visible bar.

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OK now I understand...that makes sense I think. I didn't realize the vertical line did that. Thank you. Now I just need to figure out how to turn the selector bar off then.

Thank you @TrendSurfer an @Metamega! That made all the difference and makes perfect sense. I appreciate your help.

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Not sure what the default is now. I know under preferences and charting, right at the top theirs an option for "Quote Selector" to only activate and deactivate with LMB+ctrl. It's what I use. Just hold ctrl and click on it.

Default might be that option off so you just click a point on chart and it appears, and click on it again and it disappears.