Moving average of RSI (Exploration)

Hi Experts,
Appreciate if someone can help me create an exploration with sma50 of rsi 14 > sma100 of rsi 14.

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Hi there,
Appreciate if someone can help me create an exploration with the following goal.

  1. After filter, list of stocks will have MA50 > MA100 but
  2. these moving averages are calculated based on RSI(14) not the closing price.
    Newbie here, didn't sleep whole night trying to figure out how to start a single line.

Look at how to create exploration here.

List of functions can be found here.

rsi14 = RSI(14);
Filter = MA(rsi14,50) > MA(rsi14,100);

EDIT: To set analysis periodicity look here and here.

Hi Fxshrat,
Thank you for your swift reply. I squeezed blood out of stone to code below. Can you help me please if I want to do it in weekly?

kyam = MA (RSI (30), 20);
yam = RSI (30);

tam = yam > kyam;

Filter = tam;

Hi Fxshrat,

Got it..Thanks a lot.

If your database is Daily and you like to explore in weekly, why you don’t follow and read the links by Fxshrat special this one below. If you will read carefully the first picture you will see a Periodicity tab, on the backtest settings window. That means you don’t need any extra code

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