Moving/Deleting old data in database

Hello all,

I have been using the same database "IB" since I started using Amibroker. I trade futures. Due to IB symbol definitions, ESH8-GLOBEX-FUT for example, contracts are starting to interfere with each other due to the year. Symbols already exist and if you click on them they start to fill old years with current data. I have hundreds of expired futures contracts.

I don't want to delete the old contracts, I would like to save them, perhaps clean them up and make a continuous contract. How can I move them to an archive database? I tried cut and paste in windows and moved the files to a new database, but this was a mistake. The files are still showing in the directory window.

Thank you,

You can rename any expired contract (change symbol in Symbol Information) and turn on "Use only local database" option. This will keep the data but stop talking to IB for that particular symbol

Can I rename the entire database and make it local and start a new IB
"live" database? Or possibly use "Save Database As" and create an archived
database, then go back and delete all the old contracts? What is the best
practice. Moving the contracts via cut and paste into a new database was a
big mistake on my part - not good practice for anyone thinking of doing it.