MS SmartScreen nonsense with new certificate - YOUR help is needed

Today we renewed our Authenticode code signing certificate and our new certificate does not have SmartScreen "reputation", even if old certificate had it but there is no way to "transfer" reputation to new certificate, see:

So, as many other companies suffering the same issue ("SmartScreen terror") we are on the mercy on some absurd Microsoft decision to force us to built their "reputation" from scratch.

You can help to shorten the time it takes to stop SmartScreen nonsense by downloading
AmiQuote 4.10 x64 from (direct link: and clicking "More info"


and then just clicking "Run anyway"


Hopefully when Microsoft sees hundreds of downloads they will build SmartScreen "reputation" faster

The file of course is clean see VirusTotal scan results it is just Microsoft corporate nonsense hitting independent software vendors.

Please do this as this will help tremendously to complete the process before release of highly anticipated new AmiQuote versions and new AmiBroker versions.


I clicked "Run anyway" but did not install since I already have Amiquote installed. Is this enough to help?

Why can't new Amibroker versions be released without the new certificate? We can always click "Run anyway".

Yes, that's correct. You don't need to install again. Closing it right after "Run anyway" is perfectly fine.

I can't use old certificate because certificates expire after certain time and you are forced to renew them. If I did not sign the software at all, the SmartScreen would never go away and that unfortunately does not help as some beginners don't know that to run the software in MS "fantastic" "user friendly" system they have to click "More info".

The original idea behind Authenticode certificate was that it gives you instant "trust" with SmartScreen. But for some reason Microsoft decided NOT to trust them anymore unless they build their "ms reputation"


I was able to download without any warnings using two different browsers.

It is only Microsoft SmartScreen that complains. MS Edge is the most problematic. Firefox/Opera/Vivaldi/Chrome may display this only if SmartScreen is enabled.

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Edge blocked my two download attempts. Used Settings to force Edge to ask what to do with downloads. That got it onto my local machine. Then completed the "More" and "Run Anyway" for the two downloads.

I love it when big systems try to protect us from ourselves...

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Some Edge versions have option "Report file as safe" in the ... (three dots) menu.
If you see this option on your end, please report false positive to Microsoft. The more reports they get from different people, the quicker they will whitelist it.


Edge did not block me from downloading the file. Just started downloading straight away.

I looked in Edge to see if Smartscreen was enabled and it was.

So maybe your troubles are over or for some strange reason I can download it and others can not....

After the download I can select "open file" and it will show the installation start. (not going to install since I have 4.07 installed and you talk about download failing and not the installation so I guess we do not need to install)