MSFT-!NASDAQ , No Data can be backfilled from IB

MSFT-!NASDAQ , No Data can be backfilled from IB

Can backfill from IB? or everyday only 1 day backfill will clean up the database
and only show 1 day data

It's my own setting lead it or everybody come across this problem?


What "base time interval" are you using? Interactive Brokers has LOTS of limitations and they depend on interval.

Generally hard limit imposed by Interactive Brokers for any request is just 1000 data points.

I use 15min chart but it only give me backfill about 1 day and keep clear my local database after backfill,
any method to handle this problem?
Thanks Tomasz!

Scroll down to " HOW TO USE BACKFILL FEATURE" and read very carefully.

Oh....My god, I use manual merge for many days, Really Thanks!!!

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