MT plugin (3rd party) and running Amiquote, in the same database

Hi all.
I need to make sure some things, before i execute Amiquote within RT Database (controlled with MT4 Plugin).


  1. Currently i'm running RT plugin for feeding forex & commodities data from Metatrader 4 (not the most robust plugin, but so far i still cant find any better solution - maybe someday i will try to make a more robust data plugin, that i can be share here)

  2. I want to feed EOD data (at least EOD for now) from Indonesia Stock Market, into amibroker.

  3. i know for no.2, I can get the data from Yahoo with Amiquote (I already registered & installed Amiquote 4.06)

  4. I also know Amibroker can handle Mix EOD/Intraday data, within same database

  5. I'm pretty sure in the future i will not have same / conflicting symbol between data source, since symbols from Amiquote (Yahoo) will always have .JK suffix

  6. I also aready read from




  1. Do i still need separate database for Indonesia Stock Market? (database will be filled with Amiquote)
  2. Is it safe-in terms of database's integrity, if i run Amiquote within the same database/instance of Amibroker, that running RT plugin.
  3. Or maybe do you have some better approach for my situation? - database integrity is preferred, over performance of running single instance/database

i just want to make sure everything is intact after execution.

thanks in advance.

Your questions are unanswerable given unknown plugin you use.

MT4 plugin is unsupported, 3rd party written by some unknown person. No-one knows what it does internally and how it behaves.

To answer your questions one would need to know the inner workings on that plugin, but as I said, no-one does. As documented , generally the plugin has total control and overwrites EVERYTHING you have in your database. So any imports that you do will be probably deleted by the plugin (but again no-one know how this unknown MT plugin behaves).
The only exception are symbols marked as "use only local database for this plugin" as they are excluded from plugin control (but then they don't receive any real time quotes).

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Thanks Tomasz for the reply, in this case now i'm pretty sure to just use different instance/database for Amiquote. :ok_hand:

If i may continue discuss about the 3rd party plugin in this topic.
I must say, Good point Tomasz... thank you for clarifying and reminding me about the unknown (under the hood) procedures/function inside 3rd party plugin.

Actually this is also my really concern before buying an annual license for MT plugin from 3rd party (specifically i was asking him, is there any data/information transmitted out from the plugin, he said no... but well... nobody knows)

Yups, but at the end i still bought their license, for as simple as feeding data from MT4.
Although this plugin from "unknown source" is not my preference, but actually i ran out of options to feed the data into Amibroker (MT4-RT data with backfill).

As many knows, most of commodities and forex broker are using spot prices and the price will be slightly differ from broker to broker. From my point of view as trader, the closest/ most accurate price to be feed would be from the MT4 that i'm using for trading.

Yep.. i understand that almost 90% of broker (using MT4) are scam and prone to manipulation,.. but it is our own responsibilities as trader to research and choose a good broker among the worst. Sadly in Indonesia, we have limited options, our regulators are blocking internet access to many foreign brokers, including IB (which we know that IB is the only supported data plugin & controller, by Amibroker, to interact with IB trading terminal and put orders)

I still cant believe that this kind of data plugin (MT4 to Ami) is really hard to find (even in google).
I even had also tried to post some price offering for plugin development in M*L5 forum, with no luck (only 1 replied, but he can't demonstrate clear understanding about my requirement, and i asked for the source code delivered also as part of the deliverables, for me to recheck the plugin safety).

all in all... i ran out of options for trusted datafeed plugin from MT4.

  • i can't buy a data plugin from unknown 3rd party (with source code included, for safety measure)

  • I believe Amibroker (Tomasz & team) also don't have spare time for developing and supporting this MT4 plugin.


All left for me is now learning deeper the ADK and try to build my own plugin, which currently out of my expertise.

I dont know it this appropriate or not to open an offering in this forum :pray:, but if someone in this forum has a paid solution, i would love to hear a PM from you guys. Or maybe if you guys can enlighten me for where to start in my MT4 plugin development journey, i would love to hear it also in this forum/topic.


Why don't you just use IQFeed or Interactive Brokers data sources.

Hi Tomasz..

i tried this before, for around 2 months, forex and commodities data from IQFeed is slightly different to my broker MT4 data (where i put order)
Well, It doesnt mean the IQFeed/MT4 data is wrong, but that's just the nature of spot prices. Every broker/data provider has their own liquidity provider lists. And it doesnt mean IQFeed data is bad, but in the future somehow i will try automate order from Amibroker; slight price difference in this case would make huge difference at the entry/exit strategy.

too bad this broker is blocked in Indonesia. never has the chance to try.


Forex is unregulated market, no central exchange and as such every broker can display their "own" prices. IQFeed provides data from many forex brokers, so you can choose one you use/want.

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Yep Tomasz... i'm fully aware of many shady and manipulated broker with MT4.
But as long as i can still take some profit from them and they "allow" me to cash withdraw the profit, im ok with that. (i ran out of options actually living in this country)

i think for these time around, i will stick with what available...

thanks so much for your reply, Tomasz :pray: