MT4 data to AmiBroker

I saw some mt4 expert and plugin on google and say it can pipe data feed to amibroker. I have not tried it. Have you tried this and how did it work for you ?

For MT4 is not that useful as you have DDE, personally I prefer the DDE feed.

Now i understood what you meant.


How to configure? I try to configure but can not receive data.

DDE works. Please read carefully here:

And as regards to MT4 live or paper... it does not matter (as long as data in MT4 is updating).


  1. The only supported fields (by Metaquotes) are High, Low, Ask, Bid, Time (as seen in upper help link already).


  1. Make sure DDE server is enabled in MT4 options


  1. Make sure the AB symbol name is matching MT4's symbol name exactly. As for further symbol name issues you may read here.

  2. Make sure that in AB's Information window of your symbol(s) "Use only local database" is set to "No".


  1. Check Base time Interval in AmiBroker -> File - Date base settings. Set to Tick or 1-minute.

Also note: DDE does not backfill. This got nothing to do with AmiBroker but with DDE in general.
Also... wait for market being actually open but do not wait for data coming on weekends.

Please do not create double posts

as it may result in split double response. And this thread here is more appropriate in regards to getting actual data connection as opposed to price difference topic of other thread. Besides this thread here is in Data sources section.


Thank you so much for helping me! I got it!