MT4 price is different when I see it streaming on Amibroker


I am streaming Metatrader on Amibroker.

It is largely correct but some details are different. I wonder if it is down to the realtime refresh rate set at 30 seconds ? How can I get both to sync up perfectly ?

I have not tried this but i found this with google.

Does it help ?

There is a refresh interval setting.

I am going to try this weekend

Hi Dan,

But surely the refresh rate shouldn’t matter. However slowly it refreshes it should still get the correct prices, no ?

No, because with 30 second refresh rate, you watch the quote from upto 30 seconds BACK which is very likely to be different from current quote that you see in mt.
For any reasonable match you need to refresh at least every second.

What method are you using to stream MT4 data into AB? DDE, Plugin …?

I am using DDE following on from this tutorial

How to get Data from MT4. I try to configure like bellow but can not receive data.


The MetaTrader version that you are using - is it a Paper-trading or a Live one?

If it is a paper-trading version, then there is a high chance it won't work unless the provider facilitates such a feature. If live and still not working using DDE, then please contact the Broker or the MT provider.

Thank you so much!

I use Live-trading version of MetaTrader but DDE not working.