MTF Chart & indicator timeframe out of sync in date axis


Myself is using a daily chart to plot
a Month chart with a week RSI indicator on the same sheet.

  1. The chart look fine but both the month
    chart & RSI indicator date axis is not
    in sync with each other.

  2. Plus the month chart each candlestick date axis
    should be showing like 31/5/2018, 29/6/2018, 31/7/2018, not as daily date.

Any advise how to resolve the above 2 issues
or there is a much better way to achieve the same

Please advise. Thank

//My month chart code

Mopen = TimeFrameGetPrice("O",inMonthly, mode = expandLast); 
Mhigh = TimeFrameGetPrice("H",inMonthly,  mode = expandLast); 
Mlow = TimeFrameGetPrice("L",inMonthly,  mode = expandLast); 
Mclose = TimeFrameGetPrice("C",inMonthly, mode = expandLast); 

MOpen = TimeFrameCompress( MOpen, inMonthly );
MHigh = TimeFrameCompress( MHigh, inMonthly );
MLow = TimeFrameCompress( MLow, inMonthly );
MClose = TimeFrameCompress( MClose, inMonthly ); 

//My week RSI indicator
weeklyopen = TimeFrameGetPrice("O",inWeekly); 
weeklyhigh = TimeFrameGetPrice("H",inWeekly); 
weeklylow = TimeFrameGetPrice("L",inWeekly); 
weeklyclose = TimeFrameGetPrice("C",inWeekly); 

weeklyOpen = RSIa(TimeFrameCompress( weeklyOpen, inWeekly ),14);
weeklyHigh = RSIa(TimeFrameCompress( weeklyHigh, inWeekly ),14);
weeklyLow = RSIa(TimeFrameCompress( weeklyLow, inWeekly ),14);
weeklyClose = RSIa(TimeFrameCompress( weeklyClose, inWeekly ),14);