Multi Calendar Day Bar Intervals


I'm seeking some insight on custom bar intervals. Here is a sample of Bitcoin price data stored in a local EOD database:


Note that every day has price data because Bitcoin trading does not pause for weekends and holidays. I am setting the bar interval to a specific number of days (2D, 5D, 10D, etc) using the Interval combo box. Unfortunately, the number of days per bar does not match the interval. Here are examples using 2D and 5D:


I would expect consistent calenday-day bar intervals either by using price data as described above, or using the 'View->Pad non-trading days' option to pad weekends and holidays. The 'Pad non-trading days' option as well as Norgate NDU padding (pad to all calendar days) produce inconsistent bar intervals.

Is there a way to construct calendar-day bar intervals within AmiBroker?


Multi-day bar intervals use Trading days, not calendar days, so weekends are excluded regardless if you use padding or not.